Attwood Audio are dedicated to Phono Stage Pre-Amplifiers. Our Concert Stage and Centre Stage Pre-amps are hand built from world class components to compliment the very best in high end HiFi equipment. In the August 2009 Hi-Fi World magazine the Concert Stage was given a 4 Globe "excellent" rating and described as a "svelte sounding phono stage that majors on musical integrity."

"If you are in the market for a sub £1000 phono stage then I would unhesitatingly recommend the Attwood for the audition shortlist."

"Svelte sounding phono stage that majors in musicality."

Tony Bolton Hi-Fi World August 2009 edition

“Having used the Attwood Concert Stage in my main evaluation system, I am happy to recommend it as a superb product that will win many friends”

Stuart Michell - SRM/TECH

'The Attwood MM Concert Stage is a well built moving magnet phono preamplifier which produces a detailed, nimble and smooth quality of sound from your vinyl.

Working in my system with a Michell Technodec/Dynavector 10 x 5 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge combination the scale of the soundstage was very impressive with precise solid natural imaging and was musically engaging.

The smooth character of the Concert Stage's presentation encouraged high level listening with no fatigue or harshness to sound quality.

I believe the Concert Stage is well suited to all types of music and is heartily recommended.'

Paul Blyth May 2009
Attwood regulators from the stage power are installed on the digital transmitter and cameras of Alderney Wildlife, filming the Puffins. This is a joint venture with ITV and Cable and Wireless.
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“Some of the new  Lounge Lizards now  listening to Attwood Audio Products “

Attwood Audio have one of the best sounding phono pre amp for sale on the market. These will fit perfectly along side your other home Audio.